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Homebrew Label Awards

The Homebrew Label Awards is the most prestigious competition for creativity in homebrew label design.

2017 Homebrew Label Awards

Did you make a great label? A masterpiece of a label? Something that's just plain better than the rest. Then prove it and submit it to the best label competition. Or did you do just the opposite? Did you make a bad label? An ugly label? Something so awful that it deserves recognition? Then show it off and enter the worst label competiton. Not super competitive but love democracy? Then just stay to vote.

The Best Homebrew Labels

The Worst Homebrew Labels

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Over $2000 in prizes to be won!

From the finest homebrewing companies come the finest in homebrewing prizes. Check out our prizes page for more details.

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A big thank you to our supporters & partners for making this event happen!

Selected by a jury of homebrew nuts, journalists, and designers, the winning labels will be featured by and and other sponsors, ensuring that great homebrew labels get the notoriety they deserve.

2016 Winners

Grand Prize Winner

Grand Prize Winner

Fan Favorite Winner

Runner Up Winner

Honorable Mentions

2015 Winners

Grand Prize Winner

Fan Favorite Winner

Runner Up Winner

Honorable Mentions