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Homebrew Label Awards

The Homebrew Label Awards is the most prestigious competition for creativity in homebrew label design.

2018 Homebrew Label Awards

198638460 yuge - Eric Heggernes - - GRAND PRIZE WINNER.jpg


Nothing quite captures the quintessence of our commander in chief like his favorite regional dialect affected descriptive adjective. Not a word he would use to describe his hands. “YUGE” is a label that captures our time and boasts balanced color and great design.

Amy Had A Bad Day - Kenny Lyons - - RUNNER UP.png


Amy Had a Bad Day DIPA!

We’ve all been Amy. We’ve all had one of those days. A good many of us have also been yelled at by someone having a bad day. And aren’t too many things to make you feel better like a fine DIPA.

195001076 - El Cheapo Guzman - Javier - - FAN FAVORITE.png


The people have spoken! And their voices have cried out “We want El Cheapo!” that or someone has a lot of friends and figured how to vote more than once a day. Either way we dig puns here at the Homebrew Label Awards, and the cheapo-chapo pun is simple and elegant.


Selected by a jury of homebrew nuts, journalists, and designers, the winning labels will be featured by and and other sponsors, ensuring that great homebrew labels get the notoriety they deserve.

2017 Winners

winner - 165861659.jpg

2016 Winners

Grand Prize Winner

Grand Prize Winner

Fan Favorite Winner

Runner Up Winner

Honorable Mentions

2015 Winners

Grand Prize Winner

Fan Favorite Winner

Runner Up Winner

Honorable Mentions